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Learn the Practice of Torah Astrology in Kabbalah

The Jewish Astrology website features more than 200 audio lectures and many e-books that teach the age-old astrology practice as taught by the sages. These four libraries give you the tools to delve deep into your horoscope and better understand your Mazal. Among the topics covered: Astrology According to Jewish Law, The Jewish Worldview on the Seven Planets, Permutations of God's Name, Esoteric Astrology, Mapping Techniques, The Outer Planets in the Houses, Planets in the 12 Houses, The 12 Ascendants and their Governing Planets, Prime Minister of Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu's and U.S. President - Barack Obama's charts as learning tools, and many more…

Biblical Astrology Library

Over 100 hours of fully transcribed Kabbalah astrology lessons about the secrets of astrology by studying ancient Hebrew sources from the Torah, Talmud, Zohar, Book of Creation and interpretations of the sages.

Do It Yourself Library

Learn to read your own horoscope. Over 50 hours of Kabbalah astrology lessons on the right way to read your horoscope and better understand your Mazal.

Jewish Astrology eBooks

More than 40 books covering the whole Biblical Astrology "do it yourself" libraries, including translations of ancient manuscripts on ancient astrology and Kabbalah.

Hebrew eBook Library

More than 40 books in Hebrew, covering all of Yaakov's lectures on astrology and Kabbalah as taught by the sages.

Introduction to Jewish astrology

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